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Unit 1, 13 Old Dairy Close, Moss Vale NSW 2577

Akshay (AX) Jayavant


Sales Consultant

Akshay (AX) Jayavant has a strong passion for fish & aquatic life with a keen interest in business & project management that led him to move to Australia. Having studied Aquaculture and Business Management in his bachelor’s degree from James Cook University, Townsville, Ax has graduated with a unique niche of pragmatic skills with a science and commerce background.

From his studies and time in the industry, Ax has gained experience in commercial aquaculture production of food and ornamental species, system maintenance, industry trials, research & development, along with Workplace Health & Safety regulations. Ax knows a holistic view of aquaculture having worked in the Hatchery, Nursery, Grow-Out, Processing and R&D departments.

He has enjoyed working with Barramundi, Prawns, Shellfish, Marine and Freshwater Ornamentals, with his favourite being Australian native ornamental species.

In his new role as a Sales Consultant, Ax will provide specialised aquaculture equipment sales and technical support, systems design and installations while also assisting with ongoing projects.