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Algaefree Ultrasound Trial Results

Cage Trial 4

We’ve seen strong results from a recent trial using the Algaefree Ultrasound to reduce algae growth and cage fouling in a freshwater grow-out pond located in the Riverina, Australia

During the previous season these cages needed cleaning every 2-3 days to maintain water flow and oxygen levels in the cages. After cleaning each cage the fish would stop feeding for a full day afterwards. This continual cleaning was contributing to increased labour costs and reduced fish growth.

This season an Algaefree Ultrasound unit was installed in the pond. The cages remained clean for 3 months and were not cleaned once.

The clean cages resulted in reduced labour and  increased fish growth with a shorter grow out time.

To validate the performance of the Algaefree Ultrasound the unit was switched off after running for 3 months. 10 days later the cages were completely blocked due to fouling and cleaning was required.

A Single 2-Ways Ultrasound unit was used for the trial. Click here for more product information. 

Please see photos below showing before and after results.

Cages after 3 months with Algaefree Ultrasound
Cages 10 days later without Algaefree Ultrasound