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Aquaculture Consultancy Services

With a team of experienced aquaculture consultants, Fresh By Design provide detailed system design, equipment recommendations and onsite consultancy combining a complete solution package. FBD is here to help with whatever application or requirement you have.

Our extensive experience and knowledge in all aspects of aquatic system design and operation means that when you contact us, you can be confident that we can recommend the appropriate course of action to deliver you the best result. Our resources are extensive.

We base our design and product recommendations from the most up to date research and industry developments, as well as our own in house research and development, and collaboration with industry bodies, research facilities and customers. We also offer technical support and consultation on system operation’s, livestock management and husbandry and water quality maintenance.

Fresh By Design supply the world’s best aquaculture equipment into the Australian aquaculture industry, with an ever-growing global distribution region.

FBD are Australian agents for a number of top aquaculture manufacturers from The US, Europe and Asia including Faivre, RK2, Arvo-Tec, Aqua-Life and Emperor Aquatics.

FBD have installed a number of successful aquaculture systems including commercial grow-out, research and live holding systems. System installation and onsite labour for clients is another service the Fresh By Design team can provide. Fresh By Design can provide services for the following systems:

  • Live Seafood Holding Systems – FBD specialize in the design, supply and installation of Live seafood holding systems. Species such as coral trout, eels, grouper, lobster, crab, abalone, shellfish and many other species are commonly caught and sold into the live trade, and FBD specialize in the design of systems to house these animals and provide systems with the technology to meet the requirement of each individual species.
  • Purging and Depuration Systems – Are an important part of aquacultured species, and wild harvested and wild farmed species alike. An effective depuration and purging system allows the system to be heavily loaded whilst still maintaining optimum water quality for the fish to ensure a premium quality end product being delivered to market. FBD has extensive experience in the design and installation of Purging and depuration systems for many Australian species.
  • Commercial Life Support system (LSS) design, retrofit and supply – FBD Are constantly working with customers and institutions to supply full turnkey Life support Systems (LSS) and retrofit of existing systems with additional or replacement equipment. With access to some of the worlds more reliable and effective equipment for all aspects of the Aquatic industries, you can be confident we can supply, design and install equipment and system to suit your needs.
  • Aquaria System Design for Quarantine, Display, Holding and Research systems – FBD have the expertise and resources to supply effective filtration and LSS systems for any Aquaria system, large or small. Whether you have a display tank requiring a single piece of equipment, or need a filtration system for multiple Aquaria, we can design what you need. From Import fish Quarantine systems, Retail Aquarium holding systems and University and research tank systems, we can size and supply whatever you need.

For any custom plastic or steel fabrication, contact FBD for a detailed quote and information on the capabilities within their state of the art Factory. Custom work includes CNC Routing, HDPE and Acrylic as well as Stainless Steel.

Future Fisheries Veterinary Services are aligned with Fresh By Design to provide industry leading vet support. Matt Landos works closely with the FBD team and their clients to ensure quality service.

  • Diagnostic investigations
  • Fish health and production advice
  • Vaccine development
  • Farm design
  • Full range of diagnostics available
  • Expertise in marine and freshwater fish, crustacea and molluscs.


Dr Matt Landos BVSc(HonsI) MANZCVS
Director, Future Fisheries Veterinary Service Pty Ltd
Honorary lecturer and associate researcher, Sydney University, Faculty of Veterinary Science
Mobile: + 61 (0) 437 492 863
Email: matty.landos@gmail.com

FBD also specialise in the following areas of the Aquaculture industry:

  • Specialists in Moving bed bio reactor (MBBR) design, supply and installation
  • Aeration system design
  • Wastewater remediation and system design
  • Bulk chemical supply
  • Pump sizing and application
  • Foam Fractionation and Ozone system design.

Fresh By Design and their suppliers work constantly to improve product design, system design and technical support so that you, the end user, gets a superior product, at the best possible price.

FBD works with suppliers of some of the best equipment in the world in order to be able to supply the most up to date and current technology.

Our ongoing research and training ensures not only that you have access to the most up to date and efficient equipment, but also that existing products continue to get better.

If you’d like to discuss our aquaculture consultancy services, please get in touch.


Cawthron Institute Finfish Research Centre, Aquaculture Projects, Fresh by Design
Cawthron Institute Finfish Research Centre

Fresh By Design is proud to announce the completion of the one of the world’s largest, purpose built, Chinook Salmon research facilities for Cawthron Institute’s new Finfish Research Centre (FRC) in Nelson, New Zealand.