Angel Aqua Cylinder Ceramic Oxygen Diffuser

Angel Aqua Cylinder Ceramic Oxygen Diffuser

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These fine pore diffuses are specifically designed to operate from oxygen cylinders, bulk oxygen supply or high pressure oxygen generators. The type of materials used ensures the smallest practical bubble size.

Advantages and Differences

  • Typical bubble size between 100- 400 microns
  • Achieve approximately 40% efficiency at 1m water depth
-Suitable for transport tanks, during grading/harvesting and emergency oxygen supply
  • Available in flat type, cylinder type and hose
-flat type diffusers best for minimising rising bubble coalescence

Technical Specifications

The operating range in PSI for the DY101CF SERIES is between 14.2 – 35.5 PSI, depending on the operating pressure applied e.g. 1kg/cm2 = 14.2 PSI, 1.5kg/cm2 = 21.3 PSI, 2kg/cm2 = 28.4 PSI, 2.5kg/cm2 = 35.5 PSI