Colorite Aero-Tube Diffuser Grid

Colorite Aero-Tube Diffuser Grid

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The Colorite Aero-Tube Diffuser Grids are engineered to optimally use Aero-Tube aeration tubing. They provide a quick and easy solution for implementing Aero-Tube technology in your system. Simply connect the grids to an air supply and you will immediately enjoy the high efficiency and low costs associated with Aero-Tube technology. The grid is made of injection moulded HDPE plastic and comes with 20m (66 feet) of Aero-Tube aeration tubing attached using stainless steel clamps. Aero-Tube diffuser grids can be used in a wide variety of applications from aquaculture to waste water.

Please note the Aero-Tube grid does not include the steel frame as pictured.

Air Output – 750LPM (45,000LPH)

20m of Aero-Tube per Grid 

50mm Slip Connection

Dimensions – Approx 105cm L x 125cm W x 15cm H