Colorite Oxy-Tube Diffuser

Colorite Oxy-Tube Diffuser

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New and Improved Design – Smaller bubbles with improved oxygen distribution

Oxy-Tube Diffusers provide a simple yet effective oxygen diffuser. The Oxy-Tube offers a sturdy and reliable option compared to other fine pore oxygen diffusers. These Oxy-Tube diffusers are self weighted and include all fittings.

The Oxy-Tube advantages include:

• Rugged and durable, thick 3mm wall and quality construction for long lasting, dependable performance

• Pressure loss of approximately 1.5psi allows a length of 7-8m of tube to be operated from one inlet. Longer lengths can be achieved when introducing from both or multiple inlets.

• Wide flow rate range capability from 1 to 2LPM. Optimum bubble size is achieved and thus oxygen transfer efficiency at around the 1-2LPM per meter of tubing.

• Easily secured using clamps and weights to hold it in place.

• 9mm ID, 15mm OD