Enviro Ceramic ECD Oxygen Diffuser

Enviro Ceramic ECD Oxygen Diffuser

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The ECD200 and ECD400 Enviro Ceramic Oxygen Diffusers are high quality diffusers with a number of unique advantages over other oxygen diffusers.

  • Patented air lift design produces unique water circulation from the tank floor, providing additional oxygen enrichment unachievable by regular rectangular diffusers.
  • High flow rate of ultra fine micron sized bubbles due to the special ceramic membrane made from the finest materials. The diffuser uses about 25% less pressure than other diffusers yet achieves the same fine bubble size and flow rates due to its increased number of ultra fine pores.
  • Enviro Ceramic developed a unique antimicrobial ceramic used to reduce algae growth on the ceramic membrane working surface. This prevents blockage of pores from algae growth and reduces maintenance that is cumbersome with other diffusers on the market.
  • Each diffuser has a unique traceable batch number for quality purposes in line with ISO 9002 requirements.
  • Each diffuser is pressure tested for safety to above usage pressures of 400kPa.
  • Diffusers are made from top quality German ceramic raw materials and the toughest resin from the USA.
  • Improved outer resin housing formula for increased weight and strength to prevent breakage during handling and ensure stability in water. This product is tough even at sub-zero temperatures.

ECD Diffuser Spec Sheet