Bigbest Intelligent Aerator Motor (IAM)

Bigbest Intelligent Aerator Motor (IAM)

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The Bigbest Intelligent Aerator Motor (IAM) uses a revolutionary Direct Drive Brushless Motor to power Paddlewheels and Aerators. This technology provides a more efficient motor and removes the need for a Gear Box which combined leads to the following key advantages:

  • Reduced Power Costs (20-50%)
  • Reduced Maintenance and Replacement Part Costs
  • Reduced Weight on the Paddlewheel
  • Increased Working Life
  • Soft Start Motor
  • Optional Upgrade – Remote Control with Variable Speed Control


  • 1HP or 2HP Models
  • Three Phase only
  • IP Rating 56
  • Revolution Per Minute (RPM) 105RPM
  • Paddlewheel in Water (Max) <8.5cm

The Bigbest Intelligent Aerator Motor (IAM) can be retrofitted to any exisiting Paddlewheel with a slight modification to the frame due to the shaft height. A dimensional drawing can be found in Downloads above.

The IAM can be upgraded to include a remote control with speed control. This is aimed at lowering power costs further by reducing the Paddlewheel RPM when lower aeration levels can be applied. The variable speed control is also useful to provide optimal aeration to a range of different aquaculture application.


FBD IAM Paddle Motor Brochure
IAM-2HP Motor Drawing