Varicon Aqua Algal Phyco-Bubble & Phyco-Conical

Varicon Aqua Algal Phyco-Bubble & Phyco-Conical

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Varicon Aqua Algal Phyco-Bubble & Phyco-Conical photobioreactors

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The Phyco-Bubble photobioreactor is an airlift system that provides a fully

controllable laboratory scale column reactor system to the microalgae

industry. The Bubble configuration is available in a range of incremental

sizes from 5 – 15 L, and can be illuminated with LED or fluorescent Gro-Lux

back lighting that can be tailored to specific photosynthetic requirements.

The system is mixed by aeration which significantly reduces mechanical

shear, and display excellent levels of turbulence and mass transfer. Standard

fabrication is with fittings and connectors made from machined plastic,

aluminium or stainless steel. The photostage is made from Schott Duran®

grade borosilicate, producing a highly productive system with a superior




The Phyco-Conical range of photobioreactors are ideally suited to laboratory

and inoculum production. The Conical systems is comprised of a tube of 2

m in length, with a total volume dependent on the diameter (60-370 L). The

system can be fabricated in either borosilicate glass, acrylic or polycarbonate,

with the top and bottom connections made from fibreglass. Lights and

control system are mounted on a light-weight aluminium frame. A variety of

ports for inlet/outlet and sensors can be located on the base, with probe

threads in plastic or stainless steel. The Phyco-Conical systems are mixed by

aeration from the fibreglass base, providing a turbulent high mass transfer

environment, whilst significantly reducing mechanical shear.