AIO (All In one) Filter Skids

AIO (All In one) Filter Skids

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AIO (All In one) Filter Skids

The AIO filter skids have been designed to provide a huge amount of filtration, in a tiny footprint. This offers a unique and mobile solution to your filtration requirements, that come setup for ‘plug and play’ use.

These units are popular across universities, research institutes, and those who’s requirements change season to season and can be customised to suit your needs.

System component

  • FBD Filter sump including a 100 μm bag filters, MBBR with C1 bio media and built-in air diffusers
  • UV steriliser
  • Recirculation pump


  • Filter Sump lid
  • Aeration system and backup power supply
  • Temperature Control (Heater/Chiller)

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