MAT Aquarium Quarantine and Holding Systems

MAT Aquarium Quarantine and Holding Systems

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MAT LSS manufactures a variety of Aquarium Fish Tanks and Quarantine Tanks. The sizes depend on the application and the needs of the customer. There are available Lobster Tanks, Shell Tanks, Balance Tanks, External Filter Housings, Quarantine Systems, as well as Cylinder Quarantine Tanks and more.


The practice of quarantining new aquarium arrivals is an crucial part of proper aquarium husbandry. Quarantine tanks are an essential element in public aquariums with the purpose of reducing the potential propagation of infectious diseases, parasites or injuries within the rest of the aquarium display. Furthermore, quarantine & holding tanks can be used to isolate, condition, cure and observe new fish to new water parameters & processed food in a safe, controlled and stress-free environment.

Biomuseo Quarantine Facility & Filtration Room
Biomuseo Quarantine Facility. View more ->
Quarantine tanks in Aquarium Filtration Room
Quarantine tanks in the Kuwait Cultural Centre Aquarium View more ->


When the tanks are not used for quarantine purposes, they serve as healing or holding tanks. Treating a complete aquarium display for a disease or issue that affects only a certain amount of fish is not a suitable practice, therefore, quarantine tanks allow only the infected fish to be cured, leaving delicate species or water quality in the main exhibit aquarium unaffected by medications. MAT’s quarantine & holding tanks can be manufactured in a variety of sizes & shapes in accordance to the customer’s needs & applications and are supplied in low maintenance welded Polypropylene (PP) technology, both for marine or fresh water.

Large Fish Quarantine Unit
Large Fish Quarantine Unit in Loro Parque. 

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