Varicon Phyco-Flow ™

Varicon Phyco-Flow ™

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What is the Phyco-Flow?

A highly efficient and reliable method for producing high density monocultures of marine and freshwater algae.

Why choose a Phyco-Flow?

  • Typically operates at densities of 5 to 10 times that of conventional culture methods.
  • Highly productive relative to conventional production methods.
  • Dramatically reduces labour requirements and eliminates handling problems.
  • Can be operated for prolonged periods without cultures crashing
  • Utilises the patented tube self cleaning mechanism
  • It is a closed controlled system,environmental parameters are automatically controlled.
  • System is easily expanded to meet increased production requirements.

The main species grown are Nanno, tetra, chlorella, scenedesmus, chaetoceros, Isochrysis, neochlorus, pavlolva, haema, and benthic diatoms.

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