HRAP Raceway Aquaculture Tanks

HRAP Raceway Aquaculture Tanks

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Custom made to your requirements

A range of rectangular HRAP Raceway Aquaculture tanks are available and any of your requirements.

The HRAPS enable the production of marine and freshwater micro and macroalgae for biomass applications. The HRAPS are commonly used to grow species such as freshwater alga Oedogonium and the seaweed Ulva (sea lettuce).

The HRAPS have been used in research around uses of the produced algal bioproducts for human and animal health, nutrition, plant health, biostimulants, and materials.  Also, they can be used for waste remediation

  • High-rate algal pond (HRAP) tanks
  • Smooth, Food Grade, Gelcoated tank interiors
  • Coloured to your specifications
  • Hand laminated for extra quality control and strength
  • Flowcoated exterior
  • Lids are available at quoted prices
  • PVC fittings to your specifications
  • Large Tanks can be shipped in halves and assembled on site

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