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Bio-One, is the first, and primary foundation step in the microbial process.

Bio-One is a superior and revolutionary type of microorganism mix containing archea microorganisms. Archea are the foundation microorganisms of all aquatic systems, they are the most naturally abundant organisms in the environment originating from the third kingdom and are best added before the addition of any microbial supplement, to augment their processes.

A product of over 2 years of intensive research and development, these archea have been shown to facilitate the acceleration of removal of all waste products in microbial systems. The archea in Bio-One act like a living enzyme, breaking down waste into more easily consumed by- products for other bacteria.

The micro-organisms in Bio-One do not use oxygen as a primary energy source, and so will not significantly impact oxygen demand in the system, they also:

  • –  Processes waste under aerobic OR anaerobic conditions.
  • –  Perform direct removal of organics/nutrients & ammonia
  • –  SUBSTANTIALLY improves the performance of other bacterial products.
  • –  Significantly and quickly enhances water quality, directly and indirectly, by enhancingeffectiveness of other bacteria and biological processes
  • –  Suitable for both fresh & salt water environments
  • –  Reduces BOD and COD

Bio-ONE is also highly effective at both direct removal, and enhancing the removal by other bacteria of many compounds including:

  • –  Phosphate
  • –  Ammonia
  • –  Nitrite
  • –  Nitrate
  • –  Sulphur
  • –  CO2
  • –  Dissolved organics

Standard Concentration Application Dose rates:

  • RAS – Recirculating Aquaculture system – 50mls per 1,000 litres
  • Pond Aquaculture – 50mls per 2,500 litres

Super Concentrate Application Dose Rates: (for large applications, only available in 1 litre)

  • RAS – Recirculating Aquaculture systems – 50mls per 2,000 litres
  • Pond Aquaculture – 50mls per 5,000 litres

Follow up dose of 50% above strength recommended at day 14.

Maintenance doses of 50%-100% may be added at any time to improve biological activity. More or less may be required dependent on the system and nutrient levels.

Initial introduction may cause some turbidity/cloudiness for up to 48 hours as the product establishes biological activity