Cell-Hi Walnes Algae Nutrient

Cell-Hi Walnes Algae Nutrient

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Walnes is shipped as Dangerous Goods. Please contact us for shipping costs.


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Cell-hi Walnes is based on the Walnes medium and has exactly the same N, P trace element and vitamin content. Walnes is recommended by the UK Culture Collection for algae and protozoa. It is particularly good for flagellate algae such as isochrysis and tetraselmis 1.5 kg makes 10,000 litres culture medium at Walnes strength.

Typically used to grow:

  • Isochrysis
  • Tetraselmis
  • Pavlova

For diatoms just add 30 grams of sodium metasilicate for each 1000 litres of culture water after adding the Cell-hi.

Algal nutrients & culture media

All necessary nutrients, trace elements and vitamins have been stabilised so that when made up it contains everything needed for optimal algal growth. Just store in a refrigerator or cool, dark place and use the >powder at the rate of 100 g per 1,000 litres of culture or the concentrated liquid at the rate of 1 litre per 1000 litres of culture for bag or cylinder culture. For tank culture you can use far less.

The soluble powder can be stored in a cool dark place or refrigerator for many months.

For advanced and tubular reactors giving much higher algal concentrations just use at 2 to 5 times the quantity without harm.

Walnes is shipped as Dangerous Goods. Please contact us for shipping costs.

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