Nitrospira MKII

Nitrospira MKII

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Nitrospira MK2 is the new an improved formulation of nitrospira based nitrifying products for seeding biological filter systems.

Nitrospira MK2 provides effective establishment of biological filtration in aquatic systems to ensure fast start up of biological filters, and minimal downtime.

  • Contains live strains of nitrifying bacteria for the seeding of aquatic bio-filters
  • Strains for ammonia and nitrite conversion in one single bottle
  • Suitable for fresh and saltwater with outstanding results
  • Enhanced by several species of bacillus, waste assimilating bacteria which initiate the nitrogen cycle.
  • Included probiotic’s reduce disease by competitive exclusion and improve system water quality.
  • Reduces ammonia and nitrite in new aquatic systems with practically no spikes
  • Contains genuine nitrifying bacteria that are adhesive to the filter media.

Each bottle contains:

  • Nitrosospira – converts ammonia to nitrite
  • Nitrospira – converts nitrite to nitrate
  • Additional waste assimilating and probiotic bacteria

Standard Concentration Application Dose rates:

  • RAS – Recirculating Aquaculture systems – 50mls per 1,000 litres

Super Concentrate Application Dose Rates: (for large applications, only available in 1 litre)

  • RAS – Recirculating Aquaculture systems – 50mls per 5,000 litres

Follow up dose of 50% strength recommended at day 14.

Maintenance doses of 50%-100% are recommended after cleaning and water changes to avoid spikes.

Periodic dosing is beneficial to introduce new microbial diversity to the biological filtration system to avoid inefficient aged bio filters.