AquaScan Fish Counter CSW Series (0.2g – 1kg)

AquaScan Fish Counter CSW Series (0.2g – 1kg)

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The CSW series are flatbed counters developed for very high capacity counting of fry and smolts.

Registration Units CSW-type consist of a flat and wide counting channel. The fish will be spread out over a flat surface and extra high capacity can be achieved. Used typically for delivery/transport of fish. CSW-series is a compact modular system consisting of 1,2,3 or 4 Registration Units.

They come with special fit racks, and can be used alone or easily be mounted side by side for multiple channels. Unlike the other counter-series, these do not have a pipe installed. The fish will flow freely over the whole scanning area.


The CSW2800 is a dedicated fry counter.

Ranging from 0.2g and with a scanning area of 280mm it will count with impressive efficiency and accuracy. It comes with a special fit rack with 100mm pipe output and a 1/2″ water hose input in order to create a fine film of transport water flowing down the CSW2800. This makes it a comfortable and stressless journey for the fish.

We can  also supply a de-watering system with 100mm input and 160mm output for drained water. This attaches directly to the special fit rack. The fish can be pumped or dip netted on to the draining grid.


The CSW5500 has a 550mm wide measuring area. This will allow the smolts to spread out, resulting in very high capacity. It will count more than 100 000 smolts per channel per hour.

Time is money, and by arranging up to 4 x CSW5500 channels side by side it will handle enormous amounts of fish within a short timeframe.

This model can be delivered with a built-in surveillance camera. This allows for great control over the fish flow, optimising the counting operation.

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