FFAZ ARTEMIA Automatic Feeder

FFAZ ARTEMIA Automatic Feeder

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The FFAZ ARTEMIA Automatic Feeders allows to automate the time consuming task of feeding artemia to larvae in hatcheries. The hoppers are available in 2 and 5 litres. The hopper is connected to an aeration system to keep the dissolved oxygen optimal and allow for water movement to allow for an even distribution of the Artemia in the water.

The automatic artemia feeder has an electrically controlled shut-off valve, which allows the Artemia to flow out during feeding. The check valve is “closed without current”, so the automatic feeder cannot empty itself even without a connected power source or in the event of a power failure.

Key features

  • Amount of feed min. 26 mL per sec
  • Area of ​​application indoor
  • Controllable with controller ZK822 or ZK812
  • Also suitable for other liquids
  • Optimal positioning of the outflow
  • Dirt accumulation spaces reduced
  • Defined power and air connection
  • Clean path for the liquids through the dosing unit

FFAZ Controllers

With the ZK812 control system  you have the ability to control each connected feeder individually. The main advantage is that the controlled feeders can be programmed separately and cover different feeding times and duration. The easy operation and the proven working principle enable a fast change of individual feed quantities.

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The number of connected feeders is determined by the module inside the ZK812 Controller and can control up to 12 feeders.  Each feeder works equally and feeds as often as you want up to 100m away from the controller. The feeding duration may be set from 1 to 99 sec in intervals of 1 to 99 min. The ZK812 is also available in a 12-24-Volt version which can be operated with a car battery.