FFAZ Automatic Fish Feeder

FFAZ Automatic Fish Feeder

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The FFAZ Automatic Feeders with their solid design and sophisticated technology have been used worldwide for many years. They cover a wide range of applications, from Broodstock, Hatchery, Nursery and Growout systems across a range of facilities such as commercial farms, research and educational facilities.


  • FFAZ Classic & Outdoor Plus Feeders – The Outdoor Plus version has improved sealing and durability for outdoor installation.
  • Pellet sizes up to 9 mm
  • Available with optional Disc Spreader
  • Feeder Operating voltage 12-24 V
  • Feed weight of 5 g – 200 kg per day
  • Feed delivery with screw conveyor
  • Various Controllers available in 230V or 12-24V for battery power supply.
  • The FFAZ Fish Feeders can be combined with our range of FBD Feed Hoppers.
  • Feed Hoppers need to be purchased separately.


The precise and constant feed amounts ensure significantly less filter pollution especially in recirculation aquaculture systems (RAS). The FFAZ Fishfeeder Classic and Outdoor Plus takes charge of the feeding procedure for you! This automatisation leads to more spare time and also less physical work!

Automatic Fish Feeder - ffaz fischfutterautomat spiralfîrderschnecke

The spiral screw conveyor inside the Automatic Feeder reliably conveys feed pellets of different sizes – up to 9 mm. It is possible to precisely and economically feed even smallest amounts during the day. Due to the continuously variable speed of the scattering motor the scattering radius can be adapted to your respective requirements, which favours a uniform growth of your fish.

FFAZ Controllers

With the ZK812 control system  you have the ability to control each connected feeder individually. The main advantage is that the controlled feeders can be programmed separately and cover different feeding times and duration. The easy operation and the proven working principle enable a fast change of individual feed quantities.

ffaz fischfutterautomat elektronische steuerung zk812 acht module



The number of connected feeders is determined by the module inside the ZK812 Controller and can control up to 12 feeders.  Each feeder works equally and feeds as often as you want up to 100m away from the controller. The feeding duration may be set from 1 to 99 sec in intervals of 1 to 99 min. The ZK812 is also available in a 12-24-Volt version which can be operated with a car battery.

Product advantages

  • Precise and regular feed amounts
  • Saving time by automatization

Field of application

  • Small tanks (rearing tanks)
  • Test facilities
  • Streamlined breeding tanks
  • Garden pond


FFAZ Auto Feeder Brochure
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