FIAP Belt Feeder Spare Parts

FIAP Belt Feeder Spare Parts

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Available spare parts for 3kg and 5kg Belt Feeders:

  • 12 Hour Clock
  • 24 Hour Clock
  • Belt for 3kg Feeder
  • Belt for 5kg Feeder
  • Clear Clock Cover
  • Black Clock Cover
  • Main Spring
  • Spring Washer
  • Clock Drive Journal
  • Spring Drive Journal
  • Brass Barrel Nuts


  • Hold new clock by the sides & wind up fully with adjustable wrench ensuring you do not touch the copper spring or pendulum wheel on top (Could cause damage to the clock)
  • Pull the belt out nearly all the way until it is approximately past the end of the feeder box by about 15 – 20mm
  • Hold the roller in the position that you have just pulled the belt to and fit the clock in place, toggle the roller either way to the nearest alignment to engage the clock
  • Fit the two brass barrel nuts and tighten a little more than finger tight with a small screw driver while you unload the spring pressure on the roller
  • Fit cover and nuts, tighten not much more than finger tight


  • Ensure old spring with large washer & screw plus retaining bolt, washer, barrel & lock nut is removed
  • Fit new spring (Do not cut retaining wire yet) ensuring cut out slot on spring inner engages on small dowel on the belt roller
  • Holding the spring down and together, cut the retaining wire and carefully work the eye end of the spring over to the hole and engage the retaining screw from inside the box
  • While holding the retaining screw fitted to eye end of the spring, fit large washer and screw & tighten
  • Fit barrel over screw in the eye end of the spring, fit washer & lock nut while holding retaining bolt then tighten
  • Fit cover and tighten nuts not much more than finger tight.