FIAP Belt Feeder

FIAP Belt Feeder

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A simple and inexpensive mobile feed dispenser that requires no power or batteries.


  • FIAP Belt Feeder Standard – The ORIGINAL
  • Suitable for feeding spawn and fry
  • Dosing buffering agents and pharmaceuticals
  • Excellent weather resistance
  • Long durability
  • Premium quality made by FIAP

We offer FIAP Belt Feeder Standard in two different sizes (hold capacity of 3 and 5 kg) and with two different run times (12 and 24 hours). FIAP Belt Feeder Standard is most suitable for feeding spawn and fry, and allows for dosing buffering agents and pharmaceuticals. Casing and cover feature excellent weather resistance properties and long durability. FIAP Belt Feeder Standard is a MUST HAVE for each and every production plant or hobby breeder.

How it works – Simply open the cover, pull back the belt, place feed on belt and close the cover and feed will drop out below over a 12 or 24 hour period.


  • Keep belt clean from food build up and kept as dry as possible
  • Do not lubricate clock (Only clean clock if required with a cleaner spray that does not leave an oily residue)
  • If in high moist or corrosive conditions, lubricate/inhibit  helper spring & accessories under black cover with a lanoline spray or similar
  • Do not pull out belt too quick
  • Do not pull belt out of feeder box while pulling belt back thus not hitting the clock stop (Damage to the clock could occur)
  • If Belt Feeder is dropped into the water, immediately remove both covers, lubricate helper spring & dry the clock (Hairdryer works well)

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