FIAP Breeder Feeder Bell

FIAP Breeder Feeder Bell

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FIAP Shaker Feeders serve to achieve reduced feeding expenditures and improved feed ratios. The option of setting ideal feeding times and respective breaks ensures fast and healthy fish growth. The fodder is released by height-adjustable, vibrating FIAP Breeding Feeder Disk, which is driven by a powerful DC motor (low voltage). Easily adjustable FIAP Breeding Feeder Disk facilitates deploying both, granulated as well as palletised fodder ranging from 0 to 10 mm, and thus allows for feeding fish of all sizes – from fry to food fish. Feeding times and breaks are set by FIAP proficontrol Control. FIAP Breeding Feeder can also be used for applying water-conditioning agents. Each single FIAP Breeding Feeder within this system can be set individually.

The Shaker Feeder can be purchased as feeder only, or with FBD Feed Hoppers.

The FIAP Proficontrol can be used to control up to 4 Shaker Feeders.

Please contact us for info on feeder mounting brackets.