FIAP Proficontrol – Feeder Controller

FIAP Proficontrol – Feeder Controller

$1,600.00 ex GST

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FIAP Feeders serve to achieve reduced feeding expenditures and improved feed ratios. The option of setting ideal feeding times and respective breaks ensures fast and healthy fish growth. Our innovative FIAP proficontrol Control, designed to meet the needs of everyday practice, sets new standards in automatic fish feeding. Thanks to its unique and smart programmability, FIAP proficontrol Control meets all expectations towards best possible feed dosing.


FIAP proficontrol allows for operating up to 4 different FIAP feeders with individual control. All settings as well as feeding periods (0 – 99 seconds), breaks (0 – 99 minutes) and motor speeds can be set. Any settings made will be saved. Testing and manual feeding per output is feasible at any time. In order to optimise automatic feeding at different times of the day, the control can be combined with a clock timer.