Faivre Helios Fish Grader


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Faivre offers a complete range of 7 “Helios” automatic fish graders, from 0,8g to 4 kg for professionals who care about the grading quality of their fishes. Flow rate up to 6 tons an hour for trout, salmon, barramundi, murray cod, tilapia, sea bass, sea bream, carp and perch.

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Helios 10 (Fish from 0.8g to 80g), Helios 20 (Fish from 1g to 150g), Helios 25 (Fish from 5g to 350g), Helios 30 (Fish from 5g to 800g), Helios 40 (Fish from 10g to 1.5kg), Helios 50 (Fish from 10g to 2.5kg), Helios 60 (Fish from 100g to 4kg)


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