Skala Maskon Vaccination Systems

Skala Maskon Vaccination Systems

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Skala Maskon’s fully automatic vaccination machine is operated by a single operator and can vaccinate and sort up to 20,000 smolt per hour. The machine can vaccinate single, double, triple and intramuscular doses simultaneously.

Maskon has developed an automatic vaccination machine that can be operated by a single operator. It will handle fish in the size range 30 – 170 grams. The machine should  anesthetize, singularize and orient the fish automatically and with help from machine vision ensure proper vaccination. The machine is user-friendly, reliable, and designed to take care of hygiene and animal welfare. The machine has set a new standard for vaccination quality. Maximum capacity for the largest unit is up to 20,000 smolt per hour. Our vaccination machines are now vaccinating well over 200 mill. vaccinations each year.

More than 85 plants delivered in Norway and abroad

There has been great interest in this solution at home and abroad. In a short period of time more than 85 vaccination units has been sold. For example: Salmar, Marine Harvest, Lerøy, Sævareid, Flatanger, Smøla, Sundsfjord smolt and Wingvax.  Skala Maskon has partnership with Sterner in the UK. Sterner will handle sales and technical support in the UK.

In Latin America, Skala Maskon has entered into partnership with PHARMAQ AS, which via its subsidiary PHARMAQ AS Technika SpA will be responsible for sale and service on Maskon’s vaccine solutions.

Several units has been delivered abroad to UK, Chile and the Faroe Island


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