Oasis Super Chill (Heat and Chill)

Oasis Super Chill (Heat and Chill)

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The New Zealand manufactured Super Chill range from 11kw up to 48kw of cooling capacity. The exceptional performance of these heat pumps means these can chill down easily to 2°c even at 40°c ambients. Oasis have been manufacturing and supplying heat pumps for over 30 years


  • Vertical condenser fan air discharge.
  • Inverter variable speed controlled compressor which uses less energy than alternative types of compressor.
  • Accurate EEV refrigerant controlled
  • Condenser variable fan speed controlled tested to 52c ambient
  • PLC board algorithm programmed to run and control system safely within manufactures equipment envelopes
  • Heat exchange fin coils use inner grooved (rifled) tube for better heat transfer.
  • The system also includes a temperature sensing head pressure control which enables the system to compensate for outdoor ambient temperatures below 20°C on cooling cycle.
  • Fin coil fins are epoxy coated for extra protection in corrosive environments, e.g. salt laden sea air. Each outdoor unit’s cabinet is constructed from high grade galvanised steel – polyester powder coated (grey) for all weather protection (IP 44). External fasteners are SKT® coated steel. Heat exchange coils comprise aluminium corrugated plate fins on mechanically expanded rifled copper tube.
  • Each high efficiency variable capacity inverter compressor is hermetically sealed, quiet running and supported on rubber mounts to minimise vibration. Inverter compressors provide the economy of part load performance.
  • EC motors and inverter compressors are soft starting therefore have none of the problems associated with high in rush current.
  • The systems’ UC8 controller is BMS compatible with multi-unit control possible – either via digital and analogue signals or via Modbus.


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