Schego Titanium Heaters 300W-2400W

Schego Titanium Heaters 300W-2400W

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The Schego Titanium Heaters are German made and constructed of high-quality titanium tube, therefore they are very durable and suitable for both freshwater and seawater use.

The Heaters include 2m of cable and an Australian power plug. They are available in 300W and 600W as elements only or wired to an Aqua Logic digital controller for plug and play use.

We also offer heater units that include multiple 600W elements and an Aqua Logic digital controller to provide 1200W, 1800W and 2400W heating output.

The Heaters are Australian certified.

Heater Size Guide

  • 300W Heater – up to 400L Tanks
  • 600W Heater – 400L to 800L Tanks
  • 1200W Heater – 800L to 1600L Tanks
  • 1800W Heater – 1600L to 2400L Tanks
  • 2400W Heater – 2400L to 3600L Tanks

*Based on 10 deg C temp increase

The novel PTC aquarium heaters are particularly energy-efficient, as their output depends on the heat extraction. If a lot of heat is extracted from the heater, it readjusts its temperature independently and increases its output. As soon as it reaches its maximum temperature, the power decreases again and hardly any current flows. Thanks to this self-regulating property, PTC heaters cannot overheat, which makes them particularly safe.


  • 300W Heater – 255mm Long x 25mm Diameter
  • 600W Heater – 355mm Long x 25mm Diameter
  • 300W PTC Heater – 350mm Long x 12mm Diameter
  • 600W PTC Heater – 550mm Long x 12mm Diameter