Submersible Titanium Heater 1KW – 6KW

Submersible Titanium Heater 1KW – 6KW

$1,700.00$2,130.00 ex GST

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These high quality Australian made Submersible Titanium Heaters provide heat control during cooler periods. The elements are designed for horizontal or vertical use without damaging the tank surface. We can supply the Titanium Heater elements only or connected to a, Aqua Logic digital thermostat for temperature control ready for plug and play use on delivery.

All Submersible Heater elements are made from titanium which is suitable for use in Saltwater or Freshwater

These Heaters are safe to rest on all tank surfaces with a max element surface temp of 43 deg C. We can include plastic support discs for additional costs if required.

Heaters are Australian certified and include a removable end plate for full access to the element coil for cleaning.

Digital Controller Instructions