Ace Aquatec Humane Stunner Universal (HSU)

Ace Aquatec Humane Stunner Universal (HSU)

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Humane Stunner Universal (A-HSU™)

The award-winning Ace Aquatec A-HSU™ is the most effective and humane system available for stunning fish prior to slaughter. It can be installed on boats or rafts for dead haul harvesting and in land-based processing plants.

How it works

Fish from well boats, pens or tanks are gently pumped to the A-HSU™. They travel through a short tubular de-water allowing most of the pumped water to fall away and then without losing speed they slide directly into the stunner water where they immediately lose consciousness. The flow of water through the stunner is controlled by a dedicated water pump which ensures that the fish pass through the stunner in about 20 seconds.

High carcass quality with long pre-rigor times and without internal haemorrhaging is assured by the careful design of the stun field and smooth flow of fish through the stunner. The stunner is designed to meet your needs and can use fresh water or salt water. The stun tube length is matched to your throughput requirements and can be straight or bent, floor mounted, or wall mounted to suit the space available.

Key features

Capacity: Standard build capacity at 20 tons per hour. Higher capacity available through bespoke solution.

  • Suitable for salt and freshwater use
  • Install in factories, boats, containers
  • Ability to accommodate various fish delivery systems
  • Reduced handling and low stress
  • Automated system with clear touch screen controls, configurable settings
  • Data logging, secure remote adjustment, and monitoring possibilities
  • Controllable, adjustable pump speeds and durations