Ace Aquatec Smolt Humane Culling System (HCS)

Ace Aquatec Smolt Humane Culling System (HCS)

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Humane Culling System (A-HCS™)

The Ace Aquatec Smolt & Juvenile A-HCS™ is a self-contained, transportable system for humanely culling juvenile fish without the need for anaesthetics. Based on the same in-water stunning technology as the Ace Aquatec A-HSU™, this device focuses on the needs of the juvenile production facilities.

How it works

Juvenile fish are pumped or brailed into the entrance chute of the stunner, from where they fall directly into the water of the stun tube. The electric field in this water ensures that the fish lose consciousness immediately and never recover. The water is pumped at a rate for transporting the fish to the final dewatering grid over a period of about 40 seconds. The fish then fall into a harvest tub whilst the water is recirculated by an integrated water pump. Ice can be used in the harvest tub, in order to preserve the fish.

The entire system has been designed to be easily moved from location to location as required. Remote access and continuous data logging allow for adjustments to be made to the system. Operational data can be accessed for internal or external auditing.

Key features

  • Capacity: The standard model can process at a rate up to 1 ton per hour.
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Automated system with clear touchscreen controls; configurable settings
  • Data logging, secure remote adjustment, and monitoring possibilities
  • Bespoke builds available for fish species and sizes
  • Self-contained unit on a wheeled frame
  • Designed to withstand robust biosecurity measures and protocols thereby reducing the risk of disease transmission
  • Simple cleaning and disinfection protocol