Activated Carbon Granules

Activated Carbon Granules

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Activated Carbon Granules – Course 1.5mm -3.3mm (6 x 12 mesh)

High grade activated carbon for use in all Aquaculture and Aquarium Systems.

1kg of Carbon = 2.15L of Carbon. Eg, 20kg Bag = 43L


  • High adsorption capacity with a high rate of removal
  • High hardness and therefore reduced production of fines
  • High density therefore high mass adsorption capacity
  • Low ash therefore minimal water soluble contaminants
  • High Iodine Number of over 1200mg/g
  • Steam Activated
  • Made from coconut shell
  • Perfect for use in small or large reactors and fluidized filters, as well as in fine filter bags
  • Suitable for saltwater and freshwater systems
  • Absorbs colour, DOC’s and VOC’s (dissolved organic compounds and volatile organic compounds)