Activated Filter Media (AFM)

Activated Filter Media (AFM)

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Activated Filter Media (AFM) is a product of Dryden Glass Technology Ltd over the last 30 years. The AFM glass is processed to a high standard and then progresses through a physical and chemical stage to increase the transition metal ion catalytic activity, which means the media will not biofoul. Surface area is also increased from 3000m2 per tonne to over 10million m2 per tonne. AFM is approaching the performance of activated carbon, but is recharged by a simple back-wash with clean water. AFM is glass manufactured from recycled material and changing the chemistry and nano-structure. AFM can be supplied as media only or with a high quality pressure vessel. AFM can replace your existing sand or glass filter media and used exactly the same however will not biofoul causing filter performance decrease and reduce bacterial loading. You will need 15% less AFM than sand in your filters due to its lower density.

  • AFM will filter to 1 micron
  • It is the original and only activated filter media
  • Electro-mechanical filtration media
  • Very hydrophilic electrically charged surface
  • High surface catalytic oxidation potential
  • Self sterilising – will not biofoul
  • Certified for drinking water
  • 80% better performance than sand or crushed glass media
  • AFM is supplied in 25 kg bags or 1 tonne big bags

Dryden Aqua are finalists in the product category at the European Business Awards with the Activated Filter Media (AFM) that replaces sand in sand filters. Most of our drinking water is filtered by sand, and simply by changing the sand to AFM will double the performance of the filters. What does this mean…? in the developing world AFM could eliminate water based parasitic infections which account for nearly 25% of all disease. AFM can filter down to 1 micron with no pre-coagulation or flocculation, to physically remove parasites. AFM is being used in more and more aquaculture applications.

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AFM Spec Sheet