RK2 Fluid Bed Filter

RK2 Fluid Bed Filter

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RK2 Systems Fluidized Sand Filters utilise continually moving “porous sand” in a clear acrylic column to provide large de-nitrification capacity in a small footprint. These proven Bio filters have a distinct advantage over other types of Bio filters as 100 % of the media surface area is utilised in the de-nitrification process. They are capable of being placed inline in a low pressure system and maintain a constant flow rate with virtually no maintenance.

Fluidized Beds Include:

  • Specifically engineered Ph compatible medias allow RK2 Systems FSF filters to be used in either Marine or
  • Freshwater applications.Coupled to an Ozone equipped Protein Fractionator, they create a complete Aquatic
  • Life Support System.Innovation and quality are built into every RK2 Aquatic Life Support product.Contact an RK2 Systems professional for specific applications and quotations.
  • Fresh or Saltwater media
  • Check valve and flow pumps with union connectors
  • Media restarts automatically with water flow

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