Zeo Fresh – Zeolite 1-2mm

Zeo Fresh – Zeolite 1-2mm

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Zeo-Fresh Zeolite 1-2mm

Fresh By Design’s High Purity Zeolite is available in a range of sizes for a range of applications.

Zeo-Fresh is a hard zeolite, suitable for use in fresh and saltwater, in all aquatic applications as:

  • Media in pressurized filters such as sand filters as a sand replacement
  • Ammonia removal
  • In media bags
  • Ammonia removal in transport
  • Treatment for settling ponds
  • As a food additive
  • Certified for organic farming

CEC (cation Exchange Capability) for all sizes of ZeoFresh is 150meq/100gms, which is equivalent to 2.7gms per 100gms of zeolite, or 27gms per kilo. CEC capability depends on other exchangeable ions present, although ZeoFresh does show an affinity for ammonia as its primary Ion to uptake. Larger sizes of zeolite will take longer to reach this absorption capacity due to surface area : volume ratio.

This unique zeolite will remove ammonia in Marine Environments, to approximately the same removal rates as freshwater (detailed above) but will do so slower.

Zeolite can be recharged it ammonia polishing using a brine solution of 100ppt (100gms per litre) NaCl, or leave it and use it only as a mechanical filtration media.

For enhanced regeneration, an additional 50ppt (50 gms per litre) of potassium hydroxide to the 100ppt NaCl solution is recommended.

Ammonia will not release from the zeolite until the above concentration of salt is reached, meaning that even in saltwater, it will not release its bound ammonia.

Please see the attached specification sheets on the sizes of Zeolite we sell for more information.

Other grades and sizes are available, please contact us for the size best for your application, bulk prices are available over and above our listed prices and quantities.


ZeoFresh 1-2mm Brochure