ClearWater Tech Ozone Generator

ClearWater Tech Ozone Generator

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ClearWater Tech’s family of wall-mounted ozone systems are sized to meet any water treatment challenge. These units set the standard for the highest ozone ouptut in an air-cooled unit. No other air-cooled, corona discharge systems are as sophisticated and reliable as these products and produce more ozone using less electrical energy.

Fully adjustable from 0-100% ozone output, and 4-20mA control. Built with powder coated or stainless enclosures from pharmaceutical to potable water applications. These units have been applied to the most demanding installations and perform reliably for many years.

The Air Sep Onyx Oxygen Concentrators are well suited for the oxygen requirements of the ClearWater Tech Ozone Generators. We recommend the Senect ORP Controller to monitor and control ozone. These units are fully compatible with the ClearWater Tech Ozone Generators and can be wired before shipping for plug and play operation.

Regulator/Flowmeter manifolds to connect Airsep generators to Clearwater ozone generators can be purchased here


  • Compact, wall-mounted
  • Powder coated enclosure
  • Air cooled for ease of installation
  • 1% to 6% wt. concentration
  • Computer grade universal power supply
  • Pressurized or vacuum delivery
  • Oxygen or dry air feed
  • Remote 4-20 mA control
  • Manual 0-100% ozone output control
  • LED display

CD325 and CD550 Spec Sheet
CD10 – CD12 Spec Sheet
CD1500P – CD2000P Spec Sheet
CD30NX Spec Sheet