MAT Ozone Skid System

MAT Ozone Skid System

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The MAT Ozone Contact skid systems are the most efficient method to blend ozone gas with process water for aquaculture, swimming pools, drinking water, and more applications. The unit is designed by MAT’s Research & Development Department from white paper and has undergone extensive field trials and tests. MAT Ozone Contact Skids work on the principle of Contact Time by which ozone disinfection concentration and effective contact time of the disinfectant with water are balanced to achieve effective oxidation in water. MAT Ozone Contact Skids, when paired with a MAT Ozone Generator, are complete units which include everything needed to control the effective injection of ozone gas into the process water stream. The complete industrial ozone systems come with an onboard booster pump, variable frequency drive, venturi gas injector and an Ozone destruct unit.

MAT Ozone Contact Skids come in a variety of standard sizes with process water flow rates of 3 – 124 m3/hr to meet most typical installation applications. Contact our Engineering team for assistance matching a MAT Ozone Contact Skid System to your unique application.


Available options customized to the customer’s specific needs

  • Pressure Probe
  • ORP Probes
  • Dissolved O3 Probes
  • Digital Smart Touchscreen Transmitters for Probes
  • Water Flow Switch
  • Digital Flow Meter
  • Programmable Logic Controller with Colour Touch Screen
  • Ambient Ozone Gas Detection

The MAT Ozone Skid systems are designed with longevity in mind with the units coming with a standard warranty of 5 years for the tank and piping as well as 24 months for the electromechanical components. The frames are manufactured from high grade stainless steel (Fibreglass on request) with high grade stainless steel hardware to match. MAT Ozone Contact Skids are manufactured in house from Polypropylene (PP), offering a robust fabrication. All units come fully assembled and are hydro-tested for fast & trouble-free installation on site. UPVC plastics are utilized for all piping within the skid system.

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MAT Ozone Skid System (Saltwater)

MAT Ozone Skid System (Freshwater)