OXYMAT O200 Series Oxygen Generators (up to 84m3/hr)

OXYMAT O200 Series Oxygen Generators (up to 84m3/hr)

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OXYMAT is proud to present the first low pressure PSA (LPSA) generator with the lowest power consumption on the market.

This new line of oxygen generators will provide our customers with the same high gas quality at a dramatically reduced power requirement, as low as 0.7 kWh per M3 of oxygen produced at 2.5 bar(g) outlet pressure at purities up to 95%.

We offer a wide range of OXYMAT PSA Oxygen Generators to be installed onsite for all aquaculture oxygen applications. You can produce your own oxygen on demand, which eliminates the need for for liquid oxygen supply or oxygen cylinders.

Cost to Produce Oxygen:

Eg O200-4

Produces – 63.32m3/hr, 84.4kg/hr

Power Consumption – 47.57KW/Hr

Oxygen Cost – approx $0.15 per m3 of oxygen, approx $0.11 per kg of oxygen

*Based on $0.20/KWH, 93% purity @ 2.5 Bar

 Benefits of the OXYMAT O200 System:

  • Modular – can be upgraded as oxygen requirements increase
  • Power consumption is 40 % lower than any other oxygen generator on the market – resulting in reduced operating costs
  • Supplied with Australian and New Zealand certification
  • All pipe sets and valves are made from stainless steel SS 316L (stainless steel)
  • All pressure vessels are sandblasted and powder coated P265 in C4 grade for extended lifetime
  • Outlet pressure from 2.5 to 6.0 bar(g) at purities up to 95%
  • Power consumption from 0.7 kW/m3 oxygen
  • 65 dB @ 2.7 bar(g) outlet pressure
  • 7” touch screen with advanced control ( 4.3″ for smaller capacities)
  • Modbus RTU
  • LED Visual Operation Status
  • System is produced in Denmark

Please contact us for pricing and assistance with your application.

Oxymat O200 Series Spec Sheet