BactiQuant – Mobile Lab

BactiQuant – Mobile Lab

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BactiQuant’s easy-to-use technology provides a fast and accurate microbial water quality assessment, reducing the analysis time from days to minutes.

The BactiQuant technology is based on a patented method to target an enzyme activity naturally occurring in a wide range of bacteria, representing all major taxonomical groups, including free-living bacteria and the highly relevant bacteria for aquaculture, particle-associated bacteria (PAB).

For fungal issues, you can use our handheld device with FungiCount, which quickly detects fungal content, including spores, hyphae, and micro fragments.

The advantage of the technology is that it provides robust, reproducible, and relevant results that can be readily translated into operational decisions. The return on investment is a few months just by reducing mortality by one-seventh in a typical RAS production system.