Chasing M2 ROV Underwater Drone

Chasing M2 ROV Underwater Drone

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The CHASING M2 is a professional underwater Drone/ROV designed for professional users and industrial applications. The M2 allows movement in all directions, and has a powerful thruster system to meet the needs of many commercial applications in a wide range of conditions.

The CHASING M2 is well suited for the following aquaculture and industrial applications:

  • Sea Cage and Mooring inspections
  • Sea Cage Net Repair (new M2 attachment coming soon)
  • Real Time video inspection of fish behaviour and health in Sea Cages and large RAS tanks
  • Sea and tank floor inspections and assessment
  • Mooring Rope Retrieval
  • Hull inspections
  •  Professional Underwater Photography and Videography


Technical Specs

  • Size: 380mm x 267mm x 165mm
  • Weight: 4.5kg
  • Max depth:  100 metres
  • Max speed:  1.5 m/s (3 knots)
  • Runtime:  2-4 hours
  • Battery life cycle:  > 300 cycle
  • Operating temperature:  -10 degrees – 45 degrees Celsius

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Chasing M2 Brochure
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