Pentair SLP/CLP UV System

Pentair SLP/CLP UV System

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SafeGUARD SLP formally the Emperor Aquatics CLP Series UV Systems offer efficient operation, ensuring proper hydraulic mixing inside the UV vessel. This optimizes UV light intensity distribution throughout the lamp field for reliable fluence (UV dose) delivery. SafeGUARD CLP models feature Schedule-80 PVC plastic construction, specifically suited for corrosive saltwater conditions. CLP vessels are extremely durable and deliver a cost savings of up to 50% when compared to more expensive, and corrosive, 316 stainless steel. SafeGUARD CLP UV systems feature single-end glassware assembly, remote NEMA 12 thermoplastic power supply enclosure, and are available with Basic or PLC Control packages with either LPHO or Amalgam UV lamps (available in sizes to treat up to 18,925 LPM – 1,135m3/hr)

CLP UV System Features:

  • Basic Control Package included (Optional PLC package available)
  • Enhanced, state-of-the-art electronic ballast, sized precisely to the lamp’s power requirement, ensures optimal
  • UV-C output and maximum useful-lamp-life
  • Compact footprint reduces required operating space
  • Schedule-80 Modified PVC Plastic construction is stronger and can handle higher internal pressures than polypropylene and HDPE vessels
  • Single-End UV lamp and quartz sleeve access for easy servicing
  • Watertight design protects all electrical hardware from water damage
  • Highest-Quality American-Made Low-Pressure High-Output UV lamps offer 12,000 hours of continuous operation (80% efficient after 12,000 hours)
  • Choice of Inlet/Outlet port styles
  • 6-foot power cord and 20-foot lamp cables
  • Choose between the Basic Control Package (included) and the PLC Touchscreen Control package (optional upgrade) for greater control.

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