Pentair SMART UV Sterilizer

Pentair SMART UV Sterilizer

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The Pentair SMART UV Sterilizer (formerly Emperor Aquatics SMART UV Sterilizer)

More aquaculture and aquatic professionals choose the Pentair Emperor Aquatics SMART UV Sterilizers over competing UV brands because of the substantial performance information, effective product design, and overall quality. High quality UV Lights. The Pentair SMART UV® product line is very effective at reducing microorganisms in water using ultraviolet light. These high-quality UV sterilizers feature a watertight sealed design and can be used safely both indoors and outdoors. They are an excellent choice for everything from home aquariums to large recirculating systems. The Pentair Smart UV’s are also badged as the BioShield® UV Disinfection Sanitizers for swimming pool sterilisation.

Features include:

  • Easy-to-remove UV lamp and quartz sleeve assembly allows for lamp removal without disrupting the water flow and UV Light.
  • Design also allows for removal of the entire power assembly for easy interior cleaning
  • Remote Power Supply positions the ballast away from the UV vessel and water, increasing overall safety
  • All SMART UVs are watertight and designed for operation in wet environments
SMART UVs feature a heavy-wall UV-resistant plastic vessel (UV Vessel Lifetime Limited Warranty)
  • Clear viewing ports are positioned on both ends of each SMART UV vessel for safe internal inspection
  • High-Quality American-Made Low-Pressure High-Output UV lamps offer 9,000 hours of continuous operation (80% efficient after 9,000 hours)
  • Spare Parts available

Smart UV Brochure
18W-40W UV Manual         50W-150W UV Manual
18W-40W UV Diagram
50W-150W UV Diagram before 8/20  
50W-150W UV Diagram after 8/20
UV Dose chart from Emperor Catalogue

BioShield® UV Disinfection Sanitizers


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Harness the instant neutralizing power of Ultraviolet Light to virtually eliminate all unhealthy microorganisms in your pool in a matter of seconds. Cut your chlorine usage in half while “zapping” unwelcome guests like Cryptosporidium, Giardia, E.coli and other harmful waterborne pathogens that can cause Recreational Water Illnesses (RWIs).

  • Neutralizes harmful bacteria and pathogens quickly
  • Reduces chlorine usage which helps eliminate itchy skin, burning red eyes and chemical odors
  • Energy-efficient, high-output UV lamps provide up to 12,000 hours of continuous operation
  • Easy to maintain and install in new pools
  • Low operating costs—uses about the same energy of a 60-W light bulb


  1.  Commercial-grade sterilization power
  2. Reduces chlorine usage
  3. Neutralizes harmful bacteria and pathogens instantly
  4. Keeps pool virtually bacteria free