UltraAqua Non-Corrosive PP UV Systems

UltraAqua Non-Corrosive PP UV Systems

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UltraAqua Closed vessel non-corrosive (PP) UV systems are designed for the disinfection of the most challenging seawater and other corrosive fluid environments. Based on over 25 years of experience with corrosive fluids ULTRAAQUA UV’s PP reactors have proven to be superior technology for warm saltwater and other corrosive chemicals. Equipped with optional automated ULTRAWIPER™ wiping systems, the PP series becomes an unbeatable water disinfection solution without the hindrance of complex and frequent maintenance. Paired with a control cabinet from non-corrosive GFRP materials, closed vessel PP units withstand even the most corrosive water environments found around the globe.

Key highlights

  • Exceptionally long lifetime materials to highly corrosive environments
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • ULTRADOSE™ automated UV dose pacing technology
  • Advanced design scalability – treats flows of any size
  • Quartz sleeve and UV lamp replacements are done without need for any tools
  • UV intensity monitoring based on non-corrosive PTFE sensor
  • 16 000-hour ULTRATHERM ™ lamp lifetime – Save up to 22% in operational costs
  • Optional ULTRAWIPER™ – automated quartz sleeve wiping system
UV Systems for Aquaculture

ULTRAAQUA’s polypropylene (PP) closed UV reactor series offers a very high quality system at a reasonable price. They are extremely versatile due to their corrosion-resistant construction and a flow range from 5 to 1650 m3/h. As a result of attractive price/performance ratio and excellent long term experience many customers select PP UV Systems. The major benefits are:

  • Rigid, corrosion-resistant construction for very harsh environments
  • Temperature sensor in titanium housing
  • Simple installation, operation and maintenance
  • Available with standard or advanced control cabinets
  • Optional UV monitoring with digital UV ÖNORM certified sensors
  • Available with DIN or ANSI flanges
  • No tools needed for scheduled maintenance
  • GFRP control cabinet optimized for corrosive environments
  • 16000 hour guaranteed lamp lifetime

The main advantages of UV stabilized Polypropylene (PP) over PEHD and PVC are:

  • PP is more temperature resistant
  • PP is more pressure resistant
  • PP is chemically resistant to salts, acids, bases, oils etc.
  • PP has extremely long lifetime

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Automatic Wiper Systems also available.


Available in PP & PEHD

For applications with high concentrations of ozone in the water or if the treated fluid is very cold (below 0°C) ULTRAAQUA recommend PEHD.

UVT – UV transmittance

UV transmittance is the fraction of electromagnetic radiation at 254nm that passes through a water sample of typically 10mm length (UVT10 or T10). In relation to UV-system sizing this parameter is as decisive as water flow rate. In general, the higher water quality, the higher UVT. However, water that looks very clear can have low UVT if it contains certain dissolved substances such as iron and manganese. ULTRAAQUA will free of cost measure UVT or we can estimate it based on our vast experiences.

For low UVT applications (UVT < 70%), please consider LUVT Series.


Large particles may serve as protective vessels for smaller microorganisms. In fact most microorganisms often live together in clusters. Required UV dose to inactivate organisms freely suspended in the water is significantly lower compared to organisms of the same specie residing in large particles. For this reason prefiltration may be required. Based on our experiences we generally recommend 50 micron prefiltration. Please note that small concentrations of large particles are very difficult to measure. Turbidity and UVT measuments are generally dominated by smaller particles or dissolved substances, respectively. In most cases, money are well spend on pre-filtration prior to the UV radiation, and UV systems should always be installed down flow of filtration.

Even bigger systems …

ULTRAAQUA can produce optimized custom made UV systems based on your specific requirements. As an example we can deliver UV systems with customized connection sizes and/or orientation of connections (L, Z or angled configuration). We can also produce systems even bigger than the standard stocked systems (standard systems, see below tables). It is possible to combine control panels for installations where multiple UV reactors operate simultaneously. Please contact ULTRAAQUA representative or ULTRAAQUA directly to discuss the various possibilities.


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