UltraAqua UV Spare Parts

UltraAqua UV Spare Parts

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Spare Parts for UltraAqua UV Systems



ULTRATHERM™ UV-lamp and lamp driver technology results in a lifetime of 16,000 hours. Together with very high energy efficiency, this ensures the lowest possible operating costs. It is suggested to replace them every <16,000 hours (approx. 2 years).


The ULTRATHERM ™ quartz sleeves are made from the highest purity quartz available and have unlimited lifetime if not scratched or fouled. After the first three months of operation, the quartz sleeves should be inspected. From the observed condition of the quartz sleeve, estimate appropriate cleaning intervals. For manual maintenance, you may use the sponge to wipe out the dirt provided upon purchase of the UV unit or citric acid solution and a cloth. If the fouling  cannot be removed and the quartz sleeve is cracked or broken, it must be replaced immediately. The suggested replacement interval is <24,000 hours. O-rings should be replaced simultaneously with the quartz sleeves to ensure proper sealing and prevent wear over time.


The maintenance of the UV sensor consists of wiping the head of the sensor (or sensor housing’s head), so that the reading remains accurate. The first inspection should be done approximately one month after installation. If maintenance is manual, you should wipe the sensor head simultaneously with the quartz sleeves or if the reading is low/ inaccurate. The UV sensors should be replaced every couple of years. However, if the overall state of the UV sensor is adequate it is also possible to prolong its lifetime by re-calibrating it.


ULTRAAQUA Spare Parts and Maintenance