Ultra Aqua UVT Meter

Ultra Aqua UVT Meter

$3,400.00 ex GST

Code: 39730

Portable handheld UVT monitor enabling the user to evaluate UV transmittance for any water source at any place and time.

The Ultraaqua UVT Handheld Monitor can be used to measure various types of water including wastewater. The UVT monitoring device includes a UV light source and a UV sensor. It is operated by calibrating the Ultraaqua UVT LED in de-ionized water. After calibration is complete, place the measurement head into a water sample. The water sample should only be stationary. The water sample surrounds the measurement head in between the UV light source and the UV sensor. The UV sensor measures the amount of UV light that the UV sensor is exposed to, measuring the amount of UV light that passes through the fluid sample. This measurement is then compared internally, in the firmware, to the stored value from the calibration and displayed as a percent relative to the value achieved using de-ionized water.


UA UVT Monitor Manual