Grundfos CRN Vertical Pumps

Grundfos CRN Vertical Pumps

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The CRN pump is an in-line, multi-stage pump available in a wide variety of flow and pressure sizes. Built from high-grade AISI 316 stainless steel, the CRN is perfect for ultra-filtration, reverse osmosis, machine tools (cooling lubricants), distillation systems, swimming baths, oils, alcohols, acids and alkalis, process-water systems and processes handling a broad range of problematic liquids.

Temperature Resistant

Available with air-cooled top with a special air-cooled shaft seal chamber, enabling it to handle liquid temperatures up to 180 °C at maximum 25 bar.

Efficient Solution

Minimised pressure loss with lower NPSHr improves hydraulic efficiency, overall pump performance and allows for a compact, space-saving system design.

High Hydraulic Efficiency

Performance is optimised from fluid mechanics insights provided by extensive simulation-driven design and verification

Grundfos CRN Spec Sheet