Midwest Digital Flow Meter

Midwest Digital Flow Meter

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These digital flow meters monitor flows in pipes ranging in size from ½” to 8”. A wide range in flow rates, minor head-loss and good accuracy continue to make these meters popular. Easy removal for cleaning and repair permit the meters to be mounted in lines with moderate particulate levels. This meter is a microprocessor-based flow meter and utilises a 21-digit liquid crystal display (LCD). The flow rate is displayed with an 8 digit resettable totaliser. Sturdy, compact, and water resistant qualities allow meters to be mounted outdoors when shielded from direct sunlight. Isolated monitoring locations are viable as power is supplied by a long, seven year, life battery.

Meter programming consists of selecting the pipe size and schedule from a list. The default units are liters/minute for the flow rate and liters for the totalisers. The meter can also be calibrated in Gallons/min and cubic feet/min.

The paddle wheel and associated parts are injection moulded from PVC plastic, the paddle pin is stainless steel. An ABS enclosure houses the electronics and a scratch resistant polycarbonate faceplate with embossed buttons completes the package.

Flow Range: 2 – 12000LPM