Sedna Sensor Globe

Sedna Sensor Globe

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The Sedna Sensor Globe has been designed for use in Commercial Fishing and Aquaculture to provide complete traceability and quality control during seafood transports and storage

The Sensor Globe is a wireless, flexible and scalable water quality sensor to measure the following parameters:

  • Optical DO (Dissolved Oxygen)
  • Temperature
  • Acceleration and Shock
  • pH (optional)
  • With more sensors in development

Key Specs:

  • Up to 5 x Globes can be connected to a phone. A hub module will allow extra Globes to be connected.
  • 90 day battery life
  • Dimensions –  8 cm diameter @ 330g


In addition to a comprehensive list of sensors the Sensor Globe is able to collect and log data various depths in the water column. A combination of features included allows for simple and easy use through out your operations:

  • Bluetooth wireless communications
  • Adjustable buoyancy and submersible levels
  • 100m depth rating
  • 90 day battery life (rechargeable)


The ultimate tool for monitoring and optimizing RAS systems, hatcheries, fish handling and transfers to ensure excellent fish welfare. Monitor critical water parameters as well as water movements being tracked by our accelerometer at the core of the unit.

Throughout the transfer process, actionable intelligence on the environmental conditions is made available via wireless transmission to your smartphone or tablet.


Fish can be exposed to many unknowns while they are either transferred through pipes from land based farms or trucks to well boats and net pens.

The Sensor Globe allows for timestamped logging offline as well as remote monitoring via cloud computing to understand the environmental conditions they were exposed to, ensuring fish welfare throughout the entire transfer process.


The most important metric for live wild caught seafood is the ability to make it through the complex supply chain. With the Sensor Globe you can understand the conditions the product was held in from catch to dock, ensuring the highest quality product.


From treating fish to transporting to and from the ocean, monitoring these areas at pertinent times is essential for the safe guarding of your fish.

Monitor dissolved oxygen, temperature, pH, acceleration and shock with ease.

Customize notifications to meet your needs for high and low thresholds to ensure your fish welfare standards are met.


Whether you have cellphone or internet connection it does not matter for theSensor Globe. You are able to view your data on your smartphone, tablet or similar device even in remote locations. Once you have a cellphone or internet connection you can send your data to your home base through our cloud functionality.


Sedna Software is currently available as a mobile application only. In the base package, you are able to view the readings in real-time from the device as well as historic reporting. Upgrades and custom integrations into data management systems are available upon request.

Sedna Sensor Globe mobile application is available on the app store as well as google play


Sedna Sensor Globe Brochure