Point Four RIU3 Monitor & Controller

Point Four RIU3 Monitor & Controller

$1,200.00$4,300.00 ex GST

The POINT FOUR RIU3 Monitors and Controllers offer a host of features suited to your detailed requirements for continuous monitoring & control of water parameters.

The RIU3 functions as a stand-alone field mounted transmitter/controller, or can be daisy chained to create a multi-linked network connection, supporting up to 99 units. An unlimited amount of multi-linked network connections can be made allowing for a scalable system from small hatchery operations to large RAS systems. Users can collect, manipulate and control all of their data via the POINT FOUR RIU3 Controller, POINT FOUR LC Touch Controller or using the POINT FOUR Sync HMI Software (windows based).

The RIU3 will accept multiple input types (4-20mA /0 -5 mV/ Modbus/RS485) and contains 2 SPDT 10amp relays which can be setup for up to six control blocks. These control blocks are configured directly via the keypad, or through a PC using a computer connection cable; allowing users to setup local control, configure alarm conditions or even perform PID function.

A key feature of the RIU3 is tank side probe calibration, which is easily performed using the weatherproof 4 button keypad. Probe calibration can now be done by just one operator, allowing the user to service the probe and adjust values all at the same probe location.

The advantage of the multi linked system of the RIU3, over a traditional layout, greatly reduces the need for both data and probe cable runs needed to transfer data from each device back to the main control unit. Only one cable is needed for the RIU3 to transfer the entire system data to the main controller – saving money on cabling and time for system installation. The modularity of this multi linked system also provides easy addition or removal of RIU3 units in the system


Point Four RIU3 Spec Sheet