SENECT – Aquaculture Monitoring and Control

SENECT – Aquaculture Monitoring and Control

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Monitoring and control units from SENECT

Senect offers several control units which differ in their number of sensor- and output ports as well as in their functionality and power.

All Senect control units are equipped with an in built Wifi ( WLAN) module and can therefore be easily connected to a network. This allows you to control all units remotely for example using your mobile phone and receive alarm messages. You also have the possibility to monitor all measurements or actions on your PC and operate the system from your office or home.  Additionally, by using your device you can set all the settings conveniently while standing in front of your tanks or pond.

Several Senect control units can be joined together in your software so that you can manage you entire aquaculture system with one program or app.

The SENECT Control App


The SENECT Control App is used with smartphones, tablets and computer (PCs and Apple), with which the SENECT control units can be operated.

With the SENECT Control App the control units are connected with your wireless network and you can see sensor measurements and the status of the output ports live and receive alarm-messages.

For example, the SENECT Control App sends you an alarm via a push-message on your phone, if a parameter falls below its set limit or if the filter stops is in the emergency stop mode.

The SENECT Control Box needs IPv4, port forwarding and dynamic DNS for remote access outside the local network.

The SENECT control box supports WEP, WPA / WPA2 Personal networks.  It does not support WPA Enterprise.

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