Senect ORP Controller

Senect ORP Controller

$2,700.00 ex GST

Senect ORP Controller for Ozone Management

The Senect ORP Controller offers automated Ozone control to safely and effectively inject ozone to desired levels within Aquaculture and Water Treatment systems. The Senect ORP Controller includes an ORP Sensor and Actuator cable for connecting to an Ozone Generator via a 4-20mA signal. The Senect ORP Controller works by controlling the amount of Ozone injected by maintaining a set ORP level for example 300mV. This reduces the risk of overdosing ozone and automatically maintains a stable water quality.

The Senect ORP Controller is equipped with an in built Wifi ( WLAN) module and can therefore be easily connected to a  wireless network and managed through the free Senect Control App. This allows you to control the unit remotely using your mobile phone and also to receive alarm messages. You also have the ability to monitor all measurements or actions on your PC and operate the system from your office or home.  Additionally, by using your smart phone you can set all the settings conveniently while standing in front of your tanks or system.

Several Senect control units can be joined together with the software so that you can manage multiple ORP Controllers within your aquaculture system with one program or app.



ORP Controller

  • Monitoring and Control ORP with Ozone
  • Wireless connection and data transfer via WLAN. No data cables – saves costs and simplifies installation
  • Remote access and alarming via smartphone
  • 3 x Output relays ( 2 are spare to control feeder or light etc)
  • Versatile for use in multiple applications such as recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS), ponds, raceways and intake and wastewater treatment systems
  • Scalable –  many units can be combined to one software system
  • Easy DIY installation – easy operation

ORP Sensor

  • Well proven electrochemical measurement principle
  • 6m Cable as standard, extensions available
  • Range -1000 mV to +1000 mV
  • ± 2.5% Accuracy
  • Transducer in silicone housing
  • Replaceable electrode (with BNC connector)
  • Ideal for aquaculture

The Senect ORP Controller is commonly used with the ClearWater Tech Ozone Generators and we can wire up a complete system before shipping for plug and play operation on delivery.

Senect offer a wide range of Controllers and Sensors for all applications and parameters. Click here to see the full range

The SENECT Control App


The SENECT Control App is used with smartphones, tablets and computer (PCs and Apple), with which the SENECT control units can be operated.

With the SENECT Control App the control units are connected with your wireless network and you can see sensor measurements and the status of the output ports live and receive alarm-messages.

For example, the SENECT Control App sends you an alarm via a push-message on your phone, if a parameter falls below its set limit or if the filter stops is in the emergency stop mode.

The SENECT control box supports WEP, WPA / WPA2 Personal networks.  It does not support WPA Enterprise.


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